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Hey guys, I'm Jon from San Francisco. My whole life I've wanted to be that dude that scores with all the hot guys without even trying. And now I am that guy. No more buying drinks in bars only to have the guy go home with someone else. No more wasting money on wining and dining only to go home alone and rub one out to porn. Now I get all the sex I can handle, whenever I want it. What's more, my confidence is so high now I have no problem getting those other studs I barely even had the courage to talk to once upon a time. If someone had only told me it was as easy as signing up for a free profile on Adult Friend Finder, I would have done it a long time ago. But now I'm here to tell you guys about my experience so you can start hooking up and stop waiting around like I did for so long.
Chris Rockway and Eric Pryor
Featured Models - Chris Rockway and Eric Pryor
Video Length - 148 seconds
When I asked Eric Pryor who he really wanted to get his ass plowed by he blurted out Chris Rockway's name before I could even finish. And anyone who's been on this site for a while will know that I take this as a sign that these guys will do an excellent job together. Obviously if one guy is asking for it then he's going to bring it all when he gets it...
Leo Giamani and Chris Rockway
Featured Models - Leo Giamani and Chris Rockway
Video Length - 181 seconds
People have been asking me for months when Leo Giamani was going to do a scene with Chris Rockway. And as if the comments on the blog and PM's in the chat room weren't enough, people have actually been stopping me on the street asking me about when these two studs are going to get together. But when Chris called me up and said, "hey, when do I get to tap Leo's ass?" I knew it was time...
Chris Rockway and Jayden Tyler
Featured Models - Chris Rockway and Jayden Tyler
Video Length - 267 seconds
I don't know if kissing and blowjobs are part of successful muscle jock training schedule but it sure makes for a hot video. Chris starts going down on that delicious cock and Jayden is more than happy to return the favor. Then Chris gives his ass one fuck of a blowjob before ramming his hard throbbing cock deep inside.
Chris Rockway and Riley Price
Featured Models - Chris Rockway and Riley Price
Video Length - 121 seconds
Riley Price is out of control. He can't get enough cock and he's going through Randy Blue models like breath mints. But you know, anyone with such a ravenous sexual appetite who is so hot to watch is okay by me. Riley came to the office the other day and I just looked at him and asked who would be next. Without missing a beat he smiled that charming smile of his and said 'Rockway'.
Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout and Jeremy Walker
Featured Models - Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout and Jeremy Walker
Video Length - 192 seconds
When Jeremy Walker applies for the position of assistant coach, he's led through an incredibly physical interview process. Things get really hot as Jeremy is put through his paces by the horny new coaches and made to perform such physical tasks as showing off his incredible body, doing push ups in nothing but a jockstrap, and doing squats that show off his amazing ass.
Dallas Evans and Chris Rockway
Featured Models - Dallas Evans and Chris Rockway
Video Length - 219 seconds
In the second installment of Text, Lies and Video, Andy finds out that Travis has posted video of his amazing bottoming and blowjob skills online and his reputation has been destroyed. Desperate to figure out why he would do such a thing he seeks out Colton, the horny security guard played by the incredibly sexy Dallas Evans.
Chris Rockway and Micah Brandt
Featured Models - Chris Rockway and Micah Brandt
Video Length - 222 seconds
When Chris Rockway runs into Micah Brandt in a gym locker room, it's not long before Chris has his face buried deep in Micah's hot ass. But not before Micah gives Chris such a blowjob that he can hardly remain standing. Micah is looking so good these days. That sexy smooth black skin showing off every inch of his well defined muscles...
Jay Stone and Chris Rockway
Featured Models - Jay Stone and Chris Rockway
Video Length - 207 seconds
Jay Stone, with his chiseled abs and rock hard pecs that show perfectly through his sexy body hair, needed to get fucked. He made such an incredible Randy Blue debut with his horny college jock look and solo jerk off video but now it's time for some hardcore gay porn sex! Jay's hungry hole was ready and willing so we brought in the big guns, Chris Rockway...
Jay Stone and Chris Rockway
Featured Models - Jay Stone and Chris Rockway
Video Length - 189 seconds
After taking just a few moments to get to know each other, the guys exchanged blowjobs and things really heated up from there. Chris looks amazing and was really excited to tap Jay's ass. His body is so well sculpted he's like a walking piece of art, and ramming that huge fuck stick into Jay's backside caused all of his muscles to tense up making it all even hotter...
Cameron Marshall
Featured Models - Cameron Marshall
Video Length - 161 seconds
While Derek Atlas was giving it up to Chris Rockway at the bar, a sneaky voyeuristic bartender was hiding in the shadows, totally getting off on watching these horny muscle studs fuck. Once they were gone Cameron Marshall had to take care of his own needs. His light brown military buzz cut and sexy facial scruff gives him a bit of a rugged look, otherwise Cameron would totally look like the boy next door...
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