Rick Bauer
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Rick Bauer
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Introducing Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer is a compact and muscular porn star from Europe who started his porn career in the DVD industry. Once he started working for the online studios he was already an accomplished porn star and has bought that poise and experience to his many fans on the internet. Woking predominately as a bottom he clearly loves the cock.
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Rick Bauer and Korben
Featured Models - Rick Bauer and Korben
Video Length - 214 seconds
When Rick Bauer notices the man he has been lusting over all night is heading to the bathroom he follows him, hoping to get a glimpse of his cock. But when Korben catches him glancing at him at the urinal instead of appearing upset he gives Rick an inviting look that can only mean one thing...
Rick Bauer and Tyson Ford
Featured Models - Rick Bauer and Tyson Ford
Video Length - 253 seconds
Thinking no one is around, and feeling horny on the job, these two fucking fabulous gay muscular men, get down and dirty when they trip off their cleaners uniforms… White stud Rick and black hunk Tyson slap their big gay dicks around, Tyson's really thick cock makes way for his delicious ass to be used by hung Rick in a butt fucking extravaganza where multiple positions give both a workout...
Rick Bauer, Fred, Sergio and Brian
Featured Models - Rick Bauer, Fred, Sergio and Brian
Video Length - 321 seconds
It was an intense competition and the wrestlers were fierce... but back in the locker room, everyone was as friendly as can be! One might even say they are too friendly as they begin to make out and suck each others big cocks. Like many of us know physical exercise can be a great aphrodisiac.
Rick Bauer, Christian Alexander and Rob Nelson
Featured Models - Rick Bauer, Christian Alexander and Rob Nelson
Video Length - 270 seconds
Knowing Christian's weakness for tall, hung, suited men Rick uses Rob to get into Christian's pants, as well as his bank account, gaining access to his computer to steal his private information. But not before giving Christian one final fucking he won't forget for a long time. After tag fucking his hungry bubble butt, Rick takes Rob from behind while he fucks Christian, forming a triple fuck chain.
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