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Doug Jeffries
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Introducing Doug Jeffries
Doug Jeffries is a true veteran of the gay porn industry having started his career way back in 1993. He is well known as a vastly experienced, masculine hunk with a well looked after, muscular physique. As well as starring in hundreds of videos Doug has also spent a significant amount of time behind the camera directing for such studios as Channel 1 Releasing.
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Doug Jeffries and Doug Stone
Featured Models - Doug Jeffries and Doug Stone
Video Length - 203 seconds
Doug helps John relax by slowly massaging his broad shoulders and neck. John moans and groans as Doug works out the knots in his shoulders before he peels off his polo. His hands then roam to his chiseled chest before getting John to lie face down, so he can have better access to his muscular back and shoulders. At least, that's what "we" thought...
Doug Jeffries and Trey Turner
Featured Models - Doug Jeffries and Trey Turner
Video Length - 202 seconds
They begin to kiss as Doug takes the lead. He kisses Trey as he lies on top of him and begins to explore his chest and abs with his tongue. Soon, both of these studs are shirtless, licking and teasing each other. Doug then flips Trey over and pulls off his shorts, giving us our first glimpse of that spectacular ass. Doug can't help but get right to work as he licks his ass before entering it with his finger...
Doug Jeffries and Matthew Rush
Featured Models - Doug Jeffries and Matthew Rush
Video Length - 234 seconds
They start to kiss as Matthew nervously goes in for his first kiss. They stand and take their shirts off as Doug explores Matthew's rock solid chest. He pounds on his pecs as Matt grunts his approval. Their hands are all over each other as they try to contain their excitement. Matt slides his hand inside Doug's underwear as they come off. His finger darts inside that beefy ass to get an idea of what that ass is like...
Brenn Wyson and Doug Jeffries
Featured Models - Brenn Wyson and Doug Jeffries
Video Length - 215 seconds
Today we bring two titans together and watch the epic sparks fly. Back after an entirely too long absence is fantasy daddy Doug Jeffries. Doug is 44 now and is originally from New York. Brenn Wyson is the second half of this action-packed ensemble. Brenn is originally from Boston and this hot hung stud is an unpredictable one. It's never a dull moment when Brenn is in the house. Today we'll see a different side of the boxer from Boston...
Doug Jeffries and Mario Costa
Featured Models - Doug Jeffries and Mario Costa
Video Length - 201 seconds
Mario and Doug are chilling on the couch talking about how nice it is to finally get to work together. That leads into some kissing as Doug asks Mario if he'll bottom for him. Hmmm. They go at it hot and heavy as they stand and start to help each other out of their clothes. Doug pulls down Mario's shorts and starts to check out that smooth ass. Mario's moaning as Doug runs his hot tongue along his smooth ass crack then shoves it inside...
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