Dodger Wolf
Performing Name
Dodger Wolf
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Twitter - Unknown
Introducing Dodger Wolf
Dodger Wolf is a stereotypical hairy daddy, with a gruff demeanor and a furry body. Unsurprisingly when the producers at Suite 703 have a scenario in mind that requires a DILF than Dodger Wolf is the go to man. Starring predominately with younger men, on screen Dodger is the aggressive older man your parents should have warned you about.
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Adam Russo and Dodger Wolf
Featured Models - Adam Russo and Dodger Wolf
Video Length - 309 seconds
Tonight is the Opening Night of Dodger's wife's play. She sent over her friend, Adam, to make sure Dodger gets to the theater on time. When Adam arrives, Dodger is still watching the football game and not even dressed appropriately. While Dodger changes his shirt Adam loves what he sees and wants it. A little quickie never hurt anyone…
Dodger Wolf and Keith Hunter
Featured Models - Dodger Wolf and Keith Hunter
Video Length - 455 seconds
Keith hasn't been doing well in school lately and his parents have hired Dodger to be his tutor. Keith is trying to learn about the government system but is showing no interest at all. Dodger decides to relate his studies to sexual terms making Keith feel like Dodger is a pervert. Dodger becomes frustrated and shows Keith that he isn't just a pervert but a tutor too!
Dodger Wolf and Preston Steel
Featured Models - Dodger Wolf and Preston Steel
Video Length - 350 seconds
Preston received a phone call from Dodger's wife asking him to check on Dodger. Apparently Dodger has been working a lot lately and his wife wants to be sure he’s okay and not getting into trouble. "Well I'm here," says Dodger "lots of work to do". Preston knows that all work and no play makes Dodger a dull boy so he offers to give him something fun.
Chris Baldwin and Dodger Wolf
Featured Models - Chris Baldwin and Dodger Wolf
Video Length - 291 seconds
Dodger and Chris are redoing the flooring throughout the house. Dodger comes into the garage and see Chris taking a break. After counting the boxes that Chris brought in, Dodger realizes they are short. Since they won't be able to complete their project today Dodger has something else in mind they can work on.
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