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Introducing Castro Supreme
When I first came across Castro I was blown away. I couldn't believe his cock was real and figured it was photoshopped. Then when I watched the videos it was just as big as in the pics so I went to google to do some research. Turns out his cock isn't just real, it's famous. A few studs might have cocks as long as Castro but none come close to his girth.
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Castro, Diesel Washington and Jon Estevez
Featured Models - Castro, Diesel Washington and Jon Estevez
Video Length - 212 seconds
Once upon a time there was a young guy named Jon Estevez. Jon had a fantasy of two big black dicks double teaming his little asshole. In his wildest dreams he never imagined it would come true until one day he ran into Castro Supreme and Diesel Washington and it was a dream come true...
Castro Supreme and Tristan
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Tristan
Video Length - 191 seconds
If you like your cock big and black then you're gonna love this movie. Today we came across Tristan in a restaurant parking lot and approached him with promises of huge cocks. He wanted some proof before coming back to our place so we went around back and unleashed the supreme...
Castro Supreme and Aiden
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Aiden
Video Length - 214 seconds
Last time I was home in Boston I met this guy named Aiden. We were drinking and I told him what I did for a living and he was ecstatic. All he could talk about was Castro's cock. After I gave him my email... wouldn't you know this mother fucker got at me the next day cause I guess he wanted his insides rearranged or something.
Castro Supreme and Zack
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Zack
Video Length - 224 seconds
Today we got this guy named Zack who is a cute gym rat that's in good shape.. Good shape to get fucked by Castro and his massive unit. Zack and I went back to meet Castro and Zack got a face full of man meat, which he happily sucked up like a vacuum cleaner. Then he got his ass opened really wide, he moaned and whimpered a bit and in the end he got a shot right in the eye.
Castro Supreme and Wade
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Wade
Video Length - 183 seconds
Wade is a long time fan of the site and contacted us wanting to fuck Castro and his massive cock. We organized to meet him in town and were surprised to find out he was a big time business man with a craving for big dicks. After introductions we took him pack to our pad to help him bring his fantasy to life.
Castro Supreme
Featured Models - Castro Supreme
Video Length - 192 seconds
So the other day we got an excited phone call from this latin guy, turns out he had seen our site and wanted to take on Castro's monster cock. We organized to meet him in town and took him back to our apartment to see if he could handle the supreme. Castro really put this latino boy through a nice sweet hurting...
Castro Supreme and Rex
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Rex
Video Length - 204 seconds
Hey people, there are no waves in Florida. So don't bring your surf board to the beach or you'll have nothing to do except get a big black cock shoved up your ass and cum all over your face. LOL! Today we picked up this little surfer dude at the beach. His name was Rex and he wanted Castro's Supreme in his you know where...
Castro Supreme and J.R.
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and J.R.
Video Length - 223 seconds
Castro Supreme is going to love the boy we have lined up for him today. J.R.'s petite but has enough junk in his trunk for the Supreme's liking. J.R. was amazed at how huge Castro's cock was. He's never seen anything like that before. All he could think was, how the fuck is that monstrous cock going to fit in my little bum hole?
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