Bo Dean
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Bo Dean
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Introducing Bo Dean
Bo Dean originally worked in construction before making his gay porn debut with Jake Cruise, and it shows. He is what I imagine when I think of a hot construction worker, handsome, muscled and masculine. Interestingly Bo considers himself gay for pay and performs as an aggressive top. Of course that doesn't stop him from sucking a mean dick.
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Jake Cruise, Devin Draz and Bo Dean
Featured Models - Jake Cruise, Devin Draz and Bo Dean
Video Length - 169 seconds
Can it get any better than this? Not only do I get to play with our most popular model ever (Bo Dean) but right across from him is another tower of power (Devin Draz). These two huge, hung, muscle-studs are almost too much for me to handle...
Billie and Bo Dean
Featured Models - Billie and Bo Dean
Video Length - 222 seconds
We happen to notice Billie standing on the corner and convince him to hop on for a few bucks and help us out with a interview. This guy couldn't get his eyes off Vanessa's tits so we knew he had been hooked, the blind fold went on and Bo wasted no time exercising his mouth. Billie wasn't to happy when he discovered who was bobbin on his knob, but good thing for us he spoke the language of money.
Bo Dean and Niko Reeves
Featured Models - Bo Dean and Niko Reeves
Video Length - 164 seconds
Bo Dean and Niko Reeves are hanging out in the green room killing a little time before their upcoming shoots. What better way to kill time then to fuck!? Bo picks up Niko and carries him off to the bed so they can get comfortable. After sucking Bo's cock Niko spreads so Bo can pound his tight hole. He rides Bo like a cowboy at the rodeo...
Bo Dean and Johnny
Featured Models - Bo Dean and Johnny
Video Length - 183 seconds
So today I'm riding the bus with porn star Bo Dean. He was looking for some younger ass so when when we picked up a cute black boy he was all over it. After some persuasion and cash Bo was soon enjoying a nice wet blowjob before standing up and putting his now erect cock to use on Johnny's tight little black ass...
Bo Dean and Jake Steel
Featured Models - Bo Dean and Jake Steel
Video Length - 215 seconds
Even I need a Friday off every once in a while, so this week you get to watch a different Jake in action; Jake Steel. He gets the pleasure of getting fucked by Bo Dean, one of our top models. Jake has taken some pretty big cocks before, but taking a pounding from Bo's thick dick is still quite a feat. Watching Bo's muscles flex and tense as he thrusts every inch into Jake's hole is a beautiful sight to behold...
Bo Dean and Cody King
Featured Models - Bo Dean and Cody King
Video Length - 168 seconds
Horned up Bo Dean was looking for some action and luckily our boy Cody has plenty of stamina to keep up with Bo's limitless amount of sexual energy. Ass-licking? Check. Ball-sucking? Check. Butt-pounding? Check. It's all here in high-definition! By the time Bo's deep pounding makes Cody squirt all over his six-pack, you may be doing some squirting of your own.
Zack Blake and Bo Dean
Featured Models - Zack Blake and Bo Dean
Video Length - 298 seconds
So this has happened to all of us at some point: you get out of the shower and find your roommate with his dick in a bin of yogurt. But what exactly do you do? Well if you're Zack Blake and your roommate is Bo Dean, the answer is pretty obvious: you get on your knees and have a taste...
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