Alex Slater
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Alex Slater
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Introducing Alex Slater
The first thing you notice about Alex Slater are his sexy and exotic good looks. His dark, bedroom eyes immediately have you captivated and his hairy and masculine body only serve to heighten his appeal. Unsurprisingly Alex has an immense sex drive and that lust for sex has served him well in the industry where he has made quite a name for himself.
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Alex Slater and Ricky Martinez
Featured Models - Alex Slater and Ricky Martinez
Video Length - 215 seconds
They start making out as they slowly begin to explore each other. Their tongues and lips get better acquainted as their clothes begin to find their way onto the floor. Alex then stands up as Ricky pulls down his jeans. As Ricky pulls them down; Alex's boner pops up inches from his face. Ricky can’t resist the temptation as he goes down on that juicy cock...
Alex Slater and Steven Ponce
Featured Models - Alex Slater and Steven Ponce
Video Length - 261 seconds
Steven pulled his groin while out playing soccer, and not in a good way. He reports to the campus physical trainer, Alex, who promptly diagnoses the trouble. Steven has been playing with the wrong kind of balls for too long, and it's giving him a cramp. With a little massage, followed by some stretching, and some aggressive cock-therapy, his tension is prone for a full release.
Alex Slater
Featured Models - Alex Slater
Video Length - 207 seconds
Alex starts off on the couch in jeans and a tee. He licks those luscious lips as his hands start to roam over his muscled frame. He lifts his arm up and shows off his hairy pits. He teases his nips as he continues to feel his naturally sun kissed frame. He drops his jeans and we get even more fur as his hairy thighs come into view...
Matthew Rush and Alex Slater
Featured Models - Matthew Rush and Alex Slater
Video Length - 216 seconds
Back this week to have his fantasy fulfilled is Alex Slater. Last week, Alex made his debut on MenOver30. This recent addition to the MenOver30 fold made such an impression with is sexy French-Lebanese mix that we just had to have him back. For those of you who missed Alex he told us that his fantasy scene partner would be Matthew Rush...
Cameron Marshall and Kyle York
Featured Models - Cameron Marshall and Kyle York
Video Length - 302 seconds
Plumbing problem? Girth Brooks is the one to fix it. With a plunger sized tool, Alex Slater is in need of some assistance in fixing a problem he is currently having in his shower. With an "accidentally" spray, Girth is soaked and force to disrobe which leads to Alex viewing what Brooks has been hiding.
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